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GitLab @ UCSC

The GitLab installation at UCSC is based off the Community Edition of the open source GitLab git web-based system. We have our own copy installed at UCSC, with a minor customization that ensures that students create accounts linked to their CruzIDs. Otherwise, the system is identical to that provided by GitLab, so all of the GitLab documentation applies to our installation as well.

Getting started

Before you can start using GitLab @ UCSC, you'll need to create an account on the system. You can do this going to, clicking on Register, and entering your name, CruzId (for username), UCSC email, and any password you want to access GitLab with (preferably not your CruzID Blue or Gold password). You'll then get a confirmation email to the email address you entered, which must be of the form Your username must match the CruzID portion of your email address, or account creation will fail. Please make sure you use whatever CruzID shows up on class rosters; if you use an email alias, your instructor won't be able to connect your assignments with the class roster.

The system will then send you a confirmation email. Click on the link, and your account is set up!

You may want to upload an SSH key to your account so you can use GitLab @ UCSC without a password.

IMPORTANT: you must set up your account before your instructor can create a repository for you, so please set up your account ASAP. It's OK if you never use your account; there's no charge for it, and it won't bother you if it never gets used.

More detailed documentation

There's a short guide for students using GitLab @ UCSC. You can find (much!) more detailed documentation on using GitLab on GitLab's own documentation. It's all applicable to the GitLab @ UCSC implementation. However, please note that, for security and storage reasons, GitLab @ UCSC users may not create new repositories without explicitly getting permission added by a GitLab @ UCSC administrator (gitlab-admin«at»

There's also documentation for faculty setting up a class.


If you have GitLab @ UCSC administrative questions, you may email gitlab-admin«at» Please note that this email address is only for administrative questions. Issues such as how do I use Gitlab @ UCSC and please explain this to me should be handled by course staff.

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